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    The dynamic upgrade mechanic allows units to become buildings and vice versa.Upgrading restores the health of a Smelog timed correctly allows for great outplays. Buildings can block entire paths and shape the playground to create choke points or to set up an ambush. Also allows for All-ins and epic last stands. Quickly adjusting your strategy and / or perform some neat tactical tricks.

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  • Strategic start

    Base Editor

    In Smelogs Playground you don't have to learn and execute an extensive build order you can define how your base should look before the match has even started. You can place units and buildings in a deck building like mechanic for strategic depth right from the start of the match.

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  • Adapt and overcome

    Generated Maps

    Randomly generated maps test your ability to adapt to the surroundings and use the given terrain to your advantage. For competitive integrity and fairness the generated maps are mirror in both axes.

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  • Colorful and Mystical

    Aztec World

    Approachable world in a stylized art style with focus on readability. Making it ideal for RTS genre newcomers and ideal for competitive player.

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  • Recipient

    Epic MegaGrant

    Smelogs Playground got selected as an Epic MegaGrant recipient by Epic Games. Which allowed us to add some more features and getting us to this point in the first place.



    Base Smelog

    Tier 0 Unit: -

    Friendly egg-shaped fellow. Can evolve into any smelog. It may seem weak now but it has great potential.




    Tier 1 Building: Economy

    The backbone of your economy. Generates

    (commando points)

    and with its high health points is ideal for creating a wall



    Melee Smelog

    Tier 1 Unit: Combat

    Has a good punch and is the warrior of your army.




    Tier 1 Building: Utility

    Hidden building which kills any enemy unit and itself on touch. With the right placement can be a gamechanger and has great cost efficiency.




    Tier 2 Building: Utility | Economy

    Highest vision range. Low Energy generation and comes with an activatable ability. Spots enemies and reveals enemy traps in its vision range.

    Ability: Ranged Attack (cost 10


    and no


    generation while active)



    Ranged Smelog

    Tier 2 Unit: Combat | Economy

    Ranged warrior essential to every army. potential and strong against Melee Smelogs.




    Tier 2 Unit: Economy | Combat

    Fastest moving unit on the Playground. Has gread raiding and flanking potential.




    Tier 3 Building: Utility | Utility

    Tunnel system which your army can take to quickly reinforce or reposition. Requires at least 2 Caves to work. Heals around it. Heal is increased with 2 active Caves.



    Obsidian Cannon

    Tier 3 Unit: Combat | Combat

    The strongest but slowest unit on the playground also has the longest attack range.
    Artillerie of your army and does bonus damage to buildings.




    Tier 3 Building: Economy | Economy

    The Menhir is holy to the Smelogs and provides Energy

    and CommandoPoints

    . It's also able to create new Base Smelogs. When your last Menhir falls, the game is over.

    Ability: Base Smelog creation (cost: 20 energy 5sec)




Do I play solo or with teammates?

Both is possible. There will be a 1v1 as well as 2v2 game mode besides custom games. We also plan to have limited time game modes where we introduce and experiment with new features and game mechanics.

When are you going to release?

We have not announced a release date just yet but currently aim to release in 2023!

What platforms will it be on?

PC Windows we would love to bring Smelogs Playground to as many platforms as possible, but at this point in time we can't promise it.



joining our Discord also gets you access to early playtests, sneak peeks at Smelogs Playground content, alongside games and AMAs with developers, and much more.


Nifty Productions - Privacy Policy

Last updated on 12th October 2021

The Nifty Productions Privacy Policy is designed to help you better understand the information we collect and the different ways we may use or share it.

This policy applies to your use of the Nifty services. By “Nifty services,” we mean any of our websites, stores, games, game developer tools, applications, or other products or services that link to this policy. Additional terms and conditions may also apply to your relationship with Nifty, depending on how you choose to interact with us. Please read this entire policy to make sure you fully understand it. You should also be sure to carefully review other terms potentially applicable to your visit and your use of specific Nifty services, and confirm that you understand and agree to them, before using the Nifty services.

When we say “Nifty” or “Nifty Productions,” we're referring to the relevant Nifty entity identified for your region in the “How to Contact Us” section of the policy below. This Nifty entity is responsible for providing the Nifty services to you and is the controller of the information collected under this policy.

Please see “How to Contact Us” below to learn more about sending us any privacy-related questions or concerns you may have.

Information We Collect

We generally collect information in three ways:

1- you voluntarily provide information to us, such as by creating an account, making purchases, or signing up for email alerts.

2- we collect information automatically from your use of the Nifty services, such as through cookies or our games and other software.

3- other parties, such as game console platforms and social networks, may provide information to us.

Each of these methods is described in more detail below.

(1) Information You Provide

You may provide your personal information to us when you choose to use the Nifty services. Because we change our offerings and features from time to time, the options you have to provide us with information also may change. Some of the most common examples of situations in which you may provide information to us include:

- Downloading our games.

- Purchasing something from us or otherwise engaging in a transaction with us.

- Entering online competitions or registering for or participating in special events.

- Entering contests or sweepstakes, participating in any of our promotions, or accepting any prizes from us.

- Signing up for email alerts or subscribing to receive other information from us.

- Completing a survey.

- Using a mobile device, such as a phone, to play our games or use our applications.

- Contacting us for any reason, such as by email, including for technical support or customer service.

The specific types of information you may be able to provide us will often vary depending on the Nifty services you are using and how you interact with them.

For example, some of our websites also provide a feature that supports job applications, in which case we also ask for your resume, real name, email address, and phone number. We use this information to determine if you are qualified for the position for which you applied or to contact you to set up an interview.

(2) Information We Collect Automatically

We collect some information automatically when you visit the Nifty services. We typically aggregate this data and use it in statistical form to determine trends among groups of users, rather than using it to identify individuals. If a combination of information that we collect does identify you as an individual, we will treat the combined information as personal information.

We collect information automatically through technologies such as web browsers, cookies, log files, web beacons, and our back-end servers collect usage data transmitted from the Nifty services. We use the information for purposes such as modifying or improving features, managing advertising, addressing technical issues, preventing fraud or misuse of our services, and conducting data analytics.

The type of information that we automatically collect may vary, but generally includes:

- Technical information about your computer, device, hardware, or software you use to access the Internet or our services, such as IP address or other transactional or identifier information for your device (such as device make and model, information about device operating systems and browsers, or other device or system-related specifications).

- Usage information and statistics about your interaction with the Nifty services, which may include the URLs of our websites that you have visited, URLs of referring and exiting pages, page views, time spent on a page, number of clicks, platform type, the application you used or the game you played, how long you used or played it and when, and other usage statistics.

- Crash reports, which may be automatically generated when a game or application crashes and includes information about your system and the crash.

Information that facilitates a safer and more personalized experience, such as your display name or other user identification provided in connection with your application use or gameplay, saved preferences, game progress, and device identifiers or usage information for authentication and fraud prevention purposes.

The location of your device, such as may be derived from your device's IP address.

Please note that if certain features on the Nifty services are provided by third parties, those third parties may also use automated means of data collection and may record information about your use of the Nifty services or others' websites over time. These features are subject to those third parties' privacy notices and policies.

Fraud Prevention & Anti-Cheat:

Providing users with a fair, balanced, and competitive experience on the Nifty services is extremely important to us. We strictly enforce prohibitions against cheating, hacking, account stealing, and any other unauthorized or fraudulent activity on the Nifty services. When you create a Nifty account, buy our products or services, play our games, or otherwise interact with the Nifty on or through the Nifty services, we may use a variety of anti-cheat and fraud prevention technologies to help us identify and prevent malicious activity. These services may collect and analyze data about the game binary or your computer to detect cheating, and may be provided by Nifty or by third parties.

(3) Information We Receive from Others

In some cases, other parties provide us with information about you or allow us to collect information about you. We generally collect information from other parties in four ways:

1- you interact with Nifty using a service that is not controlled by us, such as a social network.

2- you choose to use a social feature of the Nifty services.

3- you access Nifty services through another party, such as a gaming console or mobile device operator.

4- you link a third-party account to your Nifty account.

In some cases, we are not able to control the amount or type of information that other parties, like social networks, make available to us. In those cases, we use only the data that we need to provide the types of services we think our users want and expect.

Although we cannot control your privacy settings at those websites or how those other parties protect your privacy, once we receive information about you through those websites, we will treat it in accordance with this policy.

When You Interact with Nifty on Third Party Services

When you interact with Nifty on a website or app not controlled by Nifty, that website or app may allow Nifty access to certain information about you. For example, social networks may provide us with information from your profile on their services or other information that you agreed the social network or other party could provide to us.

When You Use Social Features of the Nifty Services

When you choose to use some of the Nifty services' social features, you allow Nifty to receive information about you from third parties (like social networks). Our social features promote and facilitate interaction among players, such as by allowing you and your friends to work together to meet a shared challenge presented by our game or application. You may be able to use these features to find out if your friends are actively playing the game and using the feature, to find out if they used it in the past, and to invite them to join with you to meet a game challenge.

If you choose to use one of our social features, you may be asked to log into a social network through our game or application. The social network may then provide Nifty with information such as your social network user ID, your profile picture, and the user IDs and profile pictures of your connections.

When You Access Nifty Services through Other Parties or Devices

We may also receive information about you from the organizations that sell our games or applications, or which provided the gaming system you use. Those parties may provide us with information regarding your account or registration, but they do not give us your payment information. Because those organizations determine what information they will collect from you, it may vary according to their services, but is likely to include details such as your display name and user ID for those services, as well as device and region information.

When You Link a Third Party Account to Your Nifty Account

If you choose to link a third party account, such as a gaming console or social media account, to your Nifty account, the third party will provide Nifty with information about that account. Because those organizations determine what information they will collect from you, it may vary according to their services, but is likely to include details such as your third party account display name and user ID, as well as associated device information, name, and email address.

How We Use and Share Information

As a general matter, we use and share the information we collect (either individually or in combination with other information collected as described in this policy) to help us provide, improve, customize, analyze, and market the Nifty services where we have an appropriate basis to do so.

(1) Use

We rely on several different legal bases to process personal information for the purposes disclosed in this policy. These often depend on the exact nature of your relationship with Nifty, but common examples include:

- To support our legitimate interests.

- To communicate with you, respond to your requests, or provide you with updates and information.

- To better understand our users and their preferences.

- To personalize your experience, save your preferences, authenticate our users, and provide similar user-experience features.

- To develop, deliver, and improve our products, services, and other offerings, some of which may be offered in partnership with other parties.

- To manage and customize advertisements or promotional offers.

- For security purposes.

- For internal purposes such as auditing and data analysis.

- To provide services that are subject to terms you have accepted, such as enforcing our licenses, agreements, and terms of service, which may include reasonable monitoring to detect and prevent misuse or fraud, keep our games fair for all users, and otherwise protect and defend the Nifty services.

- When you give consent, which you can withdraw at any time.

- To comply with legal obligations.

We store personal information for as long as we reasonably need it to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected. For example, if you create a Nifty account, we will store the personal information associated with your Nifty account for as long as needed to maintain your account, provide the Nifty services you requested, enforce any applicable terms that govern your use of the Nifty services, and maintain appropriate records to reflect our delivery of the Nifty services to you. We periodically review the personal information we retain to determine whether continued storage is proper.

(2) Sharing

Service Providers. We share personal information with service providers that we've engaged to help support the Nifty services by performing certain services on our behalf and under our instructions. For example, if you make a purchase on the Nifty services, we'll generally share your billing information with a third-party payment processor to enable your transaction. Other common examples include partners that assist with cloud storage, email marketing of products and services offered by Nifty, Player Support ticketing, and monitoring and securing the Nifty services. These service providers are not authorized by us to use or disclose personal information except as necessary to perform services on our behalf or comply with legal requirements.

Affiliates. We may share personal information we collect with Nifty Productions AG subsidiaries to support the Nifty services worldwide.

Marketing Partners. We may share certain limited information, such as device identifiers, with marketing partners for purposes of executing and optimizing campaigns, and gauging the effectiveness of advertising and other marketing strategies solely on Nifty's behalf.

Social Features. We may share, or provide you with opportunities to share, information about you with other users of the Nifty services as described in this policy. We also provide services that allow our users to communicate with Nifty and each other, in which case personal information may be shared and account IDs may be displayed. For example, we may share information about you with your social contacts when you and they use the same social features of our games and applications.

We may also disclose information about you:

(i) if we are required to do so by law, legal process, or a reasonable request from law enforcement authorities or other government officials.

(ii) when we believe disclosure is necessary or appropriate to prevent physical harm or financial loss or in connection with an investigation of suspected or actual illegal activity.

(iii) if necessary to protect the vital interests of another individual (such as to prevent death, bodily harm, or serious damage to property).

We reserve the right to transfer information about our users in the event we sell or transfer all or substantially all our business or assets.

How We Protect Information

We take appropriate and suitable technical and organizational measures to ensure data protection and data security. However, despite such measures, the processing of personal data on the Internet can always have security gaps. We can therefore not guarantee absolute data security.

Access to our online offer is subject - as is basically the case with all Internet use - to mass surveillance without cause or suspicion and other monitoring by security authorities in Switzerland, the European Union (EU), the United States of America (USA) and other countries. We cannot directly influence the corresponding processing of personal data by secret services, police forces, and other security authorities.

Updates to Our Privacy Policy

This policy may be updated periodically to reflect changes in our personal information practices or relevant laws. We will indicate at the top of this policy when this policy was last updated. Please review this policy every time you access or use the Nifty services to make sure that you have reviewed the most recent version.

How to Contact Us

If you have general questions or concerns about the Nifty services (such as game-related issues, trouble accessing your Nifty account, bugs or other technical problems, payment matters, or content and entitlement issues), please contact our Player Support team.

To learn more about Nifty's privacy practices or this policy, please email your questions to